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The Door

The Door - Monique Rockliffe "The Door" is the story of The Boy, a homeless boy of superior intellect recruited by The Scientists at the age of 16 to solve a series of puzzles. Now 18 years old, The Boy is confronted by The Door, a mysterious door located in the basement of The Coffee Shop. What is behind The Door and why is it so important?The Scientists are trying desperately to protect the human race from The Deceivers, a group of influential and wealthy individuals who have discovered a mysterious alien Energy, The Catalyst, which hold the secret to eternal life. The Deceivers gather up and experiment on individuals who possess the rare Creator-virus gene. The Boy is one of these individuals, as indicated by the Mark of God birthmark on his arm.During their experimentation, The Catalyst is unleashed on the unsuspecting population, killing those who do not possess the Creator-virus. The Scientists are charged with finding a means to permanently contain The Catalyst, which will kill the entire human population within three years if left unchecked.The Boy is told by The Scientists that he is one of the carriers of the Creator-virus, thus explaining his unusually high intelligence. He is put through a number of tests and experiments to unlock his dormant potential.The Scientists introduce The Boy to The Girl, who is also a carrier. Trained by The Scientists since the age of 12, she is planted as a spy among The Deceivers and discovers The Door's existence.The Door is a portal created by The Man, one of the first carriers. On the other side of The Door is Paradise, a safe haven from the Creator-virus. The Deceivers discover its existence and hide it by building a town around it.It is The Boy's mission to wrest control of The Door from The Deceivers and save the human race. But is everything as it seems? And who is really deceiving whom?Full of suspense, action, and even romance, "The Door" is sure to thrill you and keep you guessing to the very end. The intelligent vocabulary and perfect punctuation made this story a pleasure to read. This story packs in a lot of background information and perhaps too much detail for a short story. At times it reads more like the outline of a book. It would serve the author well to expand this story into a full-length novel. I was sure left wanting more.