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Love of Her Lives

Love of Her Lives - Sharon Clare Calum is Bethia's spirit guide. Soulmates for a thousand years, the souls of Calum and Bethia are destined to live out their lives on earth in human form. They always find each other, but Bethia's risk-taking behavior constantly lands her in trouble, usually leading to her untimely demise.In this lifetime, Calum retains his memory of their time together but Bethia (now Beth) does not. Calum is charged with breaking the cycle of Bethia's destructive behaviour . He must save her and make her fall in love with him, without exerting his will over her. The catch - once this happens, he will be taken away from her, until their next life together 67 years hence.This book deftly combines the elements of romance, fantasy, adventure, thriller, and even comedy. Sharon Clare has created an elaborate fantasy world. She clearly demonstrates the difference in chronological times and worlds through the use of Calum's distinctive vocabulary and his unfamiliarity with modern technology, including motor cars, elevators, the mini-bar, telephones, and even zippers. On the run from drug dealers, the police, and a boyfriend she was about to break up with, Beth and Calum form an unlikely duo as they try to clear Beth's name and uncover the mystery of a buried treasure - with a little help from their elven friend, Finn. As with all good romances, the hero and heroine fight a battle of wills and have a love-hate relationship. This is complicated by Beth's faint memories of their past lives, lives ruled by passion and lust, but not necessarily love. She is the love of his lives, but will the modern-day Beth reciprocate this time? Will Beth be able to resist Calum's warrior charm? Or will she succumb to their destiny once more? What will happen when reality catches up with them? And what will happen when the tables are suddenly turned? You'll just have to find out for yourself.