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Lionel's Grand Adventure

Lionel's Grand Adventure - Paul R. Hewlett This is the first of Lionel's Grand Adventures, a series written especially for boys aged 6 to 12. Lionel Snodgrass is a twelve-year-old boy who is "a little chubby and slow", "wears his older brother's hand-me-down clothes", and "wears glasses that always slide down his nose".When Lionel moves into his new house in a new town, he is dreading starting at his new school. But then he finds the Three-Toed-Potbellied Walbaun foot at the back of the cupboard in his new room. Similar to a lucky rabbit's foot, this magical foot once belonged to the Potbellied Walbaun, a magical creature like a leprechaun. According to legend, the foot can only be seen by those who are persecuted or in need. Well, Lionel is certainly persecuted by his older brother, Feeney, and in need of a helping hand (or foot!).Unfortunately, the Walbaun was a lazy creature who never quite managed to master his magic. As you can guess, this will lead to Lionel's wishes having some unexpected results. And, of course, there is a lesson to be learned. Read this book to find out what it is.I look forward to reading Lionel's further adventures. He is a very likeable character, and I think young boys will find it very easy to relate to him.