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Skycastle, the Demon, and Me: Book 1 in the Skycastle series (Volume 1)

Skycastle, the Demon, and Me: Book 1 in the Skycastle series - Andy Mulberry Jack Harper lives in Greencastle, a museum and tourist attraction castle with dungeon and all. But as he says, "living in a castle wasn't as cool as it sounds," and "nothing exciting ever happened at Greencastle." That is, until he finds the mysterious note in the mouse trap under the fridge advertising for demons. What can possibly happen if he dials the number? So, Andy orders a demon because he thinks one might come in handy to give the tourists a friendly fright. "Sometimes in life, you had to take a risk for the greater good." The demon, Brinkloven Crowley the Third (or Brink for short), turns out to be a normal-looking boy, except for the fact that he has red skin and tiny horns peeping through his hair. And he likes to read! But what happens when Jack finds out the price of a demon and can't pay? How are they going to avoid the Collector?

The book gets off to a great start, with the prologue taking us right to the heart of the matter. However, I did find it a bit short and think the story could have been expanded with more instances of scaring the customers and a few more close calls with Jack's parents. But maybe that's just because I was enjoying it so much and wanted some more! There are also a small number of editing errors. Nevertheless, this book is a great blend of funny, scary and adventurous. I think boys especially will enjoy this series.

I received this book in return for an honest review.