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Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story

Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story - Giselle Shardlow, Emily Gedzyk Six children from around the world say goodnight to native animals by performing yoga poses that reminds us of these animals. For example, Luke from Australia demonstrates the Kangaroo pose. There are twelve animal poses in all, followed by the resting pose, all designed to help kids relax before bedtime.

There are a number of handy extras at the end:
A world map showing us where we can locate each of the featured animals,
A list of all the featured yoga poses, and
A guide for parents, including how to prepare a safe and quiet environment for your bedtime yoga and tips on how to establish a bedtime routine for your children.

This is an informative and educational book, teaching us not only about yoga, but about animals and geography. The simple but effective drawings accurately portray each of the animals, while small inserts show the cute children performing the poses.

I think this whole series is a fabulous idea, and I wish something like this was available when my kids were younger. This series is sure to be a hit with both parents and pre-school teachers. Don't forget to check out the free stuff on the website to continue your yoga experience with your children.

I received this book in return for an honest review.