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A Perpetual Mimicry

A Perpetual Mimicry: A Novella - K P Ambroziak A fire angel is stripped of his wings, banished from his star, and forced to roam the Earth as penance. He plummets to Earth, landing in the desert where he encounters Simon, another banished one. Simon promises to help him regain his star. Wandering through place and time, our angel occupies a number of bodies and experiences a number of human emotions. First, he takes over the body of a shepherd, Ani, and comes to be known by this name. As Ani, he meets Sarah and discovers that there are worse fates than losing your wings and being banished from your home.

The writer has a fabulous vocabulary; the dictionary feature of the Kindle app certainly came in handy. I even learned a few new words, including: pinions, virescence, pulchritude, Lethean, sidereal, plumule, empyrean, and egregious. We may wonder what all the disparate story lines have to do with each other, but it all becomes clear in the end. "A Perpetual Mimicry" can be described as an angelic Groundhog Day.

This is one of the best-written and well-edited works I have read. "A Perpetual Mimicry" is the definition of beautiful writing; it is poetic and lyrical, profoundly moving, and will haunt you for a long time to come. I look forward to reading more by this author.