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Tumbleweed Christmas

Tumbleweed Christmas - Beverly Stowe McClure, Bridgett McKenna Jackie's family has no money for a Christmas tree or presents, and her father is sick in hospital. So Jackie sets out to buy a Christmas tree for her family with her last dollar, promising her little sisters, April and May, a surprise. She meets up with her friend Daniel who is having troubles of his own. Jackie's mother has told her that Christmas is the season of miracles. Will Jackie and Daniel get their miracles this Christmas?

Illustrated by Bridget McKenna, "Tumbleweed Christmas" is a beautiful, heart-warming story about the belief in miracles, the love of family, and acts of selflessness. Although stated to be suitable for children aged 3-7, in my opinion it is suitable for older children as it deals with some harsh realities of life. Younger children may question the absence of Santa in this story.

I received this book for the purpose of providing an honest review.