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GARGOYLE (The Gathering Series, #1)

Gargoyle - The Gathering Series (Volume 1) - Lorraine Beaumont Evie and her friends gather at the abandoned Briar Cliff Manor on Halloween, which also happens to be Evie's birthday. A fun night of music and drinking quickly turns into a nightmare as, under a full blue moon, the Gargoyles start coming to life. First come the Centurions Alistair, Simon, and Adriane, who are the good guys. Their mission is to protect the humans from the evil Degare', who will feast upon human flesh if given the chance.

When Evie is attacked she is saved by Adriane, a beautiful and mysterious stranger. As soon as Adriane meets Evie, he knows she is special. What is Evie's role in all of this? Will she be the one to finally break the curse of the Gargoyles?

The Prologue uses beautiful poetic language and led me to think this would be a wonderful book. Unfortunately, things go downhill from there. There were numerous editing errors, including the incorrect use of apostrophes, commas, and hyphens, and incorrect word usage.

The narrative is repetitive, the action is confusing and progresses too slowly, the characters' motivations are not clear, and nothing is explained or resolved. In addition, the omniscient point-of-view changes too frequently, often from sentence to sentence within the same paragraph. It really isn't necessary to know what every single minor character is thinking at every single moment.

Too much unnecessary information is provided. For example, characters are introduced in detail and then never heard from again (they may appear later in the series, but who knows?); characters' backgrounds are revealed for no apparent reason (it may become apparent later in the series, but I'm not convinced); and clothing and music are described in detail. On this latter point, the Kindle version contains clickable links to the music and other pop references, which may be why the details are provided in the first place. I think this is a fantastic idea because I had never heard of any of the indie bands mentioned. I believe this feature is the future of ebooks, and I'm surprised I haven't seen it used sooner. I do think, however, that the author needs to be judicious in the use of these interactive links, rather than just using them because she can.

The story ends abruptly. It's not even a cliff-hanger ending, enticing us to read more, as nothing of any significance has yet happened. In fact, the end isn't even the end. This book includes the beginning of the next book, Degare', which actually explains more in the first few pages than the whole book that precedes it.

Warnings: sexual references, coarse language, violence, gore.

I received this book for the purpose of providing an honest review.