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Welcome Home: A Short Story

Welcome Home: A Short Story - William Hage John visits his old family home after it is left to him upon the death of his father. When John discovers his father's journal, he begins to wonder what evil his father was up to all those years. And why can't John remember what happened in that house? Then, a friendly visit from his neighbors, Lisa and Michael, forces John to confront the truth about his family. As his father used to say, "Sanity is not a choice." But if you were insane, would you know?

The fantastic cover was designed by the author's brother, Matthew Hage, and is creepily appropriate, giving a hint of what is to come. I can't say too much without giving away the ending, but there were some logistical inconsistencies which don't quite make sense in hindsight. There were also some minor editing errors but, all in all, this is a good read with great atmosphere and an unexpected ending.

I received this book for the purpose of providing an honest review.