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Blood in the Past (Blood for Blood Series)

Blood in the Past (Blood for Blood Series) - Jordanna East "Blood in the Past" tells the story of the intersecting lives of three young people. Firstly, the reclusive Jillian shows her true colors after coming face to face with a mugger. Her life changes after meeting Officer Calvin Kyle, who responds to her 911 call. As her obsession with him grows, so does her erratic behavior, leading her to make a catastrophic decision.In Chapter 3, the narration shifts to Kyle's daughter, Lyla. Once again, a series of bad decisions leads to a disastrous chain of events which will have far-reaching consequences for years to come.Chapter 4 is told from the point-of-view of Jason Brighthouse Jnr, a cop's son, whose life crosses paths with Lyla's.I believe the last scene is setting us up for the first book in the "Blood for Blood Series" entitled "Blood in the Paint". I'm curious to find out what happens next, and how these three people will interact in the future.This was a short, easy, and entertaining read with few editing errors. Be aware that it contains coarse language, violence, and adultery. Although, this book kept me reading in order to find out what would happen next, I found the characters were not very likable and had few redeeming features. No one acts as one would expect them to, and no one is safe. I can only hope that the future books will shed some more light on the characters' motivations. Early in the book, Jillian states, "I just wanted to know why people are the way they are and do the things they do." Same here. I guess we'll just have to suspend disbelief and accept that people will do anything for revenge.I received this book for the purposes of providing an honest review.