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13 - Julie Elizabeth Powell "13" is actually a group of fourteen stories, all involving murder. The numbers are like a deck of cards, including the Ace, Jack, Queen, and King. Each number is also reflected in some aspect of the story. At the end, in the Joker's story, the thirteen characters are brought together to account for their sins. Only one can escape alive. Who will it be?Most of the stories are told in a stream of consciousness style, relating the characters' thoughts in short, sharp, single sentence paragraphs. The characters themselves include common thieves, witches, hired assassins, zombies, and mass murderers, each with their own agenda.This book is like a puzzle. You have to fit the pieces together and figure out what's happening. But it all comes together neatly in the end, when the numbers become the characters' names. Make sure you remember who's who, or take notes, otherwise it might get confusing.My favorite stories were numbers 2 and 9. Which one is your favorite?Warnings: Coarse language, violence, murder, sex, drugs.I received this book for the purposes of providing an honest review.