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Simple Sleep Solutions: How to Profit from Your Dreams

Simple Sleep Solutions: How to Profit from Your Dreams - J.P. Nicolais, Roger Jones, Bonnie Damron In Simple Sleep Solutions, the author shares a simple technique that works for him 90% of the time. After discussing some basic factors that may influence sleep, he shares his technique and cites some reasons for its effectiveness. He also provides tips for adapting the technique to suit your own needs. The second part of the book deals with dreams and how they can affect both your sleeping and waking life. Tips for remembering your dreams are also provided. The book is illustrated throughout with photographs that help set the mood and promote relaxation.

This book is very spiritual in nature, and it is clear that the author is passionate about the subject and keen to help others with their sleep problems. The technique outlined is certainly worth trying if you have trouble sleeping. There is also a list of websites and articles providing solutions of a more physical nature.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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