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Luna's Lost Ball (Shiloh and Friends) (Volume 1)

Luna's Lost Ball (Shiloh and Friends) (Volume 1) - R.A. Milnes II When Luna the Labrador loses her favorite yellow ball, she asks Shiloh for help. Shiloh, in turn, seeks help from her many friends around the farm. Will Luna get her ball back with the help of Shiloh and friends?

Shiloh and Luna are two dogs based on the author's real pets. The story is told only in dialogue, with each character's speech designated by a small icon. As they become more proficient readers, the kids will have fun taking turns reading out the parts of the different animals.

The illustrations are bright and colorful, with plenty to keep young eyes occupied. The kids will learn their colors as they read along, with many references to different colored objects. They will also learn to identify different animals, with a selection of farm animals being featured. This might be a good opportunity to reinforce the different noises animals make, as well. You can even get the kids to count different things, such as the flowers, clouds, and trees. And it's all wrapped up with a nice message that friends can work together to solve a problem.

A fun read with a lot of teaching opportunities.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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