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Tales from Suburbia: You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Live Here, but It Helps

Tales from Suburbia: You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Live Here, but It Helps - Brandi Haas The author left her career as an English teacher to become a full-time mother. This book is a compilation of a series of humorous anecdotes about her experiences as a woman, a wife, and a mother. Stories include her experiences at Chuck E. Cheese's and Target, comparing ailments with other mothers, the perils of fund raising, her letter to the President of the PTA, how mothers martyr themselves when they're sick, the difficulty women have finding clothes to wear when they're in their thirties and forties, the first visit to the principal's office as a parent, the joys of labor and giving birth, the trials of planning a birthday party, a Thanksgiving visit from her parents, a trip to the gym, a visit to the dentist, dance class ordeals, the Christmas pageant, and many more.

Some of my favorites: "To My Daughter's Teacher", a letter to her daughter's kindergarten teacher on her daughter's first day of school, brought back a lot of memories of my own daughters at that age; "Birth" also brought back memories because, like the author, I didn't finish my prenatal classes and my labor lasted 40 hours; "Getting Older" is a wonderful insight into the getting of wisdom.

Humorous, heartfelt, but serious at the same time, this collection is a must-read for any parent.

I received this book in return for an honest review.