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Maya & Filippo See Impossible Things in the Garden City

Maya & Filippo See Impossible Things in the Garden City - Alinka Rutkowska, Konrad Checinski Maya and Filippo are a sister and brother pair who travel around the world with their parents and their cat Otello on the Fun Princess cruise ship. Today they visit Christchurch, New Zealand, also known as the Garden City. While they are waiting to get off the ship, the children at the youth club draw pictures of what they would like to see some day. Everyone thinks that the things Maya and Filippo draw are impossible, but they all have a surprise in store for them when the set off to view the sights of the Garden City!

This is a sweet tale about dreaming big. As Maya and Filippo's mother tells them, "There is nothing in this world that is impossible for you to experience. Every kind of thing is possible if you believe it strongly enough." The story is followed by facts about Christchurch and a quick quiz to make sure the kids understood the story.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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