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Interference - Dakota Madison Sedona is studying to be a neuroscientist, and she only has eight weeks left to complete her undergraduate course when her world comes "crumbling down" around her. She injures her arm in a car accident, and then she gets fired from her job at the library. Her flatmate, Lewis Armstrong, suggests she gets a job tutoring college athletes. That's how she meets basketball player Jesse Walker, "the guy every girl on campus wants to date". But is his bad boy reputation really warranted? Jesse is more interested in playing basketball than learning, but is there perhaps another reason for his apparent lack of interest in studying? Although Sedona and Jesse have nothing in common, they grow closer while Lewis becomes more distant. It turns out Lewis is hiding a secret as well. When Sedona's mother, Sunny, finds out about her daughter's relationship with Jesse, she fears that Sedona will end up following in her footsteps. What is the real story behind Sunny's single-mother status, and who is Sedona's father? And what secret will Sedona uncover that will threaten to bring them all down?

Interference is a very predictable book; I guessed all of the "secrets" right away. In addition, all of the problems are resolved way too easily. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the journey. Sedona and Jesse are likable characters and, as unlikely a couple as they are, you can't help but root for their happiness. Support characters Mr and Mrs Armstrong are hilarious. I also enjoyed Sedona's neurobiological explanations about falling in love.

A light, easy, entertaining read.

3.5 stars

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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