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Faith Seekers

Faith Seekers - Sherry Rossman Hannah leaves college after her scholarship runs out and her dad loses his job. Now her family (father Alex, mother Rose, and brother Ian) is homeless, apart from the RV they live in while travelling around the country selling their wares at craft shows. They have become "Faith seekers, a family searching for the great America that had failed them and so many others - the land that had failed them into nomads." Along the way, the meet Dan and his pregnant girlfriend Nia, and young photographer Miguel and his uncle Mac. As Hannah struggles with her strange visions and unwanted attention from Dan, she doesn't realize that it will all culminate in a battle between the forces of good and evil.

The book is very slow to start; not much happens, but the atmosphere is dense with foreboding. The writing is beautiful and lyrical, full of the recurring themes and imagery of tree roots, elk, Harriet Tubman, prophets, stars and stripes, and wind chimes. While there is no doubt that the author is an extremely talented writer, the story is at times confusing, there is too much repetition, and the central conflict is resolved too easily. I also had a problem with the similarity in names - Michael and Miguel (Spanish for Michael), Hannah and Harriet, Nia and Ian, Dan and Mac and Ian - especially during the climactic scene towards the end the book.

This book is classified as young adult, but is actually clean new adult.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

3.5 stars