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How to Say Goodbye

How to Say Goodbye - Amber Lin On Amy's first day as a summer intern at Cape Canaveral, Florida, her attention is caught by a blond-haired young man on the beach. She is inexplicably drawn to him but turns down a date because she is afraid. Amy's emotional problems stem from being brought up by her uncle from the age of six, after her mother moves back to Japan following the death of Amy's father. Her mother has been directing her life from afar ever since, making sure she has the best education and the best job opportunities. But the one thing Amy is missing is social and physical interactions. She has never held hands, hugged, or kissed another human being. When she meets Dane, she is ready to break away from her mother's influence and start living her own life. And live she does. But what she doesn't know is that Dane has issues of his own. Will these two misfits find their happily-ever-after or will they have to say goodbye?

The author's beautiful writing is apparent right from the first paragraph: "Quietness steeped the air around her, holding her bones in its tepid embrace." Countless poetic passages follow, usually centered on the themes of water and space, the two elements in which the central characters are most comfortable. Another example of this is the chapter headings which use scientific terms to explain human interactions, drawing a nice parallel with how Amy views the world.

The story switches between Amy's and Dane's points-of-view, but they each have very distinct voices even in the third person. The author is able to provide real insight into both characters and expresses the most complex of emotions in pure and simple terms. This was my first excursion into the new adult genre, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the tender and sensitive way in which the sex scenes were portrayed. This author is a real talent to watch.

Warnings: coarse language, gay themes, sex scenes, violence.

I received this book in return for an honest review.