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The Princess Fables

The Princess Fables - Marc Clark, Eric Hosford This book is a wonderful compilation of eleven short stories that bring to mind my favorite fairy tales from my childhood. (I was an avid fairy tale reader.) They each have a common theme of a spoiled princess who learns a lesson and becomes a better person, a girl of whom her parents (the King and Queen) can be proud. Each story is beautifully complemented by a black and white drawing by Eric Hosford.

The author has a lovely conversational tone, and you feel like he is telling the stories directly to you. So, reading this book out loud will make it sound like you are personally telling the stories to your children. I did notice that a few of the young ladies in question only learned their lessons after coming to physical harm. Nevertheless, the stories are told with lightness and humor, and I think the author had great fun making these spoiled brats suffer!

There are a few minor editing errors, but the author more than makes up for these by introducing a few new words (e.g. "aghast") to our vocabulary by cleverly weaving their definitions into the stories.

I absolutely loved this book and wish my girls were still young enough for me to read it to them. This is a great collection for your little princess.

I received this book in return for an honest review.