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Forever Layla

Forever Layla - Melissa Turner Lee In April 1994, David gets a visit from a beautiful young woman who seems to know him but who has no memory of. When she won't tell him her name, he calls her Layla after the song that's playing, and she freaks out. After a bit of prompting, Layla claims to have come from the future (2014). Of course David thinks this is a prank, but slowly he starts to believe, ultimately discovering that he himself will one day unlock the secret of time travel. As David and Layla get closer, we learn that they have always been destined to be together. But how are their futures intertwined and why is Layla always so sad?

The story is told alternately from the points-of-view of David and Layla. This is a necessary device, as we find Layla is keeping a lot of secrets from David. The relevance of some scenes is questionable (e.g., hair extensions, Backstreet Boys) but it's fun to reminisce about the past and note how much things have changed in such a short time. The story is cleverly woven, revealing just enough to keep us guessing. And it is beautifully rounded, with the ending bringing us back to the beginning to show us how everything fits together. The ARC I read contained a number of editing errors that are hopefully corrected in the final version.

This is a wonderfully romantic, clever, and thought-provoking story.

I received this book in return for an honest review.