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Misplaced - Lee Murray The book starts off with seventeen-year-old Adam making a television appeal to his mother Tiffany to come home. Then we go back to when she was last seen and follow the story in real time. Adam has "misplaced" his mum. She goes out to buy some milk one evening and never comes home. Meanwhile, Adam's father is acting suspiciously, as is his mother's friend Maria. What secrets are they hiding?

Through it all, Adam manages to maintain his sense of humor, although missing his mother turns into anger when he starts thinking she has left him and his father. It's great to see Adam get the support he needs from his grandmother, his aunt, the school counselor, and his friends Kieran and Corey. He also manages to be distracted by his track coach, his own search for his mother, and by his developing relationship with Skye, who has family troubles of her own.

Misplaced is told in the third person present tense, giving the story an immediacy and urgency. It is interspersed with first person accounts from Adam. I enjoyed these accounts the best and feel the whole book could have been written this way. The New Zealand dialect and setting add color and interest to the story, and the editing is near-perfect.

*Spoiler Alert* I was, however, disappointed with the ending. I felt that the author was leaving clues throughout the book which would lead to the mystery being solved. However, this was not the case. I was looking for closure, but I guess we are left to feel like those left behind after a loved one goes missing. We are left in the dark, there is no closure, and we just have to move on. I am better able to understand the author's motivation for ending the book this way after reading about her inspiration for writing this story.

An engrossing and worthwhile read.

Warnings: coarse language, sexual references.

I received this book in return for an honest review.