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Lobo Goes to the Galapagos

Lobo Goes to the Galapagos - C.L. Murphy Lobo and his friend Roxy the raven find Bobby the blue-footed booby, who has injured his wing, and they promise to help him get back home. Along the way, they meet Sunny the seagull and Coconut the crab. When they encounter a certain scary animal, Lobo realizes he must overcome his fear if he wants to help his new friend return to his home.

The story is simple and entertaining, and the illustrations are bright and colorful, appearing almost three-dimensional. The author does a great job capturing Roxy's voice; Roxy's repetition certainly brings to mind the cawing of a raven. We are given a quick geography lesson with the map of the Galapagos at the end of the book, but it is not put into context by showing its position on the world map. I wish the author had continued Lobo's adventures on the island and introduced us to some more animals that can be found there.

This is a cute story about friendship and trust, but I think it could have been a whole lot more.

I received this book in return for an honest review.