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Love and Other Unknown Variables

Love and Other Unknown Variables - Shannon Alexander Charlie's life is about to change forever. On the first day of his senior year at the "nerd" (math and science) high school, Charlie touches the eternity tattoo on the neck of a girl in the donut shop. Meet Charlotte, a sophomore at the "normal" high school, who soon becomes the best and only friend of Charlie's bookworm younger sister, Becca. As a result, Charlotte is constantly hanging around Charlie's house, and Charlie starts messing up at school because he can't stop thinking about her. Meanwhile, Charlie's friends, James and Greta, are continuing the tradition of trying to get rid of their new English teacher, who just happens to be Charlotte's big sister, Ms. Finch. Charlie is reluctant to join in until Charlotte begs him to help them out. Why is Charlotte so keen to keep her sister distracted? What secret is Charlotte keeping from Charlie?

Readers are bound to fall for Charlie, a math genius who makes equations and experiments out of everything. He is a great narrator, and the author does an amazing job of getting inside the head of a nerdy teenage boy. The author's use of Charlie's mathematical and scientific metaphors and similes is very clever, as are her literary references through Ms. Finch. The supporting characters, especially Becca, James, Greta, and Mrs. Dunwitty, are also extremely well-drawn, with unique personalities.

The story is so engaging, I forgot to take notes. The writing is beautiful and so full of raw emotion, you can tell the author has suffered a loss of her own. This book is so good that I ordered the hardback version as soon as I finished reading my review copy.

Funny, touching, and simply brilliant.

I received this book in return for an honest review.