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Night Terror (Night Chill Book 2)

Night Terror (Night Chill Book 2) - Jeff Gunhus The book begins by cleverly recapping the events of the previous book via newspaper articles. Ten years have passed and Jack Tremont still lives in Prescott City with his wife Lauren and their daughter Sarah, who can't remember any of the events from ten years ago - or so her parents think. Their oldest daughter, Becky, is in boarding school trying to deal with her own bad memories. Jack and Lauren realize Sarah still has her powers and her memories, on the same day that their old friend Joseph Lonetree warns them that Sarah is in danger from the mysterious Mama D. As Sarah's powers increase and she struggles to control them, Joseph Lonetree and Nick Sorenson fight to keep the Tremont family safe from Mama D and some old enemies who have returned to continue their quest for power.

Night Terror is reminiscent of a Stephen King novel. There is a lot of detail and back-story that, while not really necessary, certainly adds color, depth, and atmosphere. The book is extremely well-written with only a few editing errors, even though I read an ARC. Be warned: this book is not for the faint-hearted. There is a lot of horror and violence, and some of the incidents are very twisted indeed. Mr Gunhus, you certainly have a very sick mind (I love it!). While this story is wrapped up by the end of the book, the author does set us up for the next one. I can see a sequel coming - can't wait!

Even better than the first book.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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