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The Takers

The Takers - D. T. Peterson This is an exciting and original story set in the year 2067. "The Takers" tells the story of Lashira Grey, or Lash, a newly initiated Taker. Marked by red facial tattoos, the Takers are modern day Robin Hoods operating in Chicago with the help of some imaginative high-tech gadgets. There's something for everyone here. My favorite gadget was the Securi-Drone, a flying camera robot used to detect intruders.We follow Lash and her fellow Takers during her first year on the job, culminating in the most dangerous heist of their lives. Will they get caught this time or make it through unscathed yet again?Things start to look grim when Lash realizes that her idols are not quite who she thought they were. Lash's future is left up in the air. I just hope we get to meet her again."The Takers" is one of three short prequels to the novel "Darkness on a Pale Blue Stone", set five years later. The others are "Lights Out" and "Automation". These three prequels can also be found together in "Before the Darkness", which also includes an additional prologue and epilogue.