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Lights Out

Lights Out - D.T. Peterson Set in the year 2058, "Lights Out" is a futuristic story about Marco Valdez, a Special Operative working for Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT), a covert US military group. We follow Marco and his team as they battle evil and try to save their country and, perhaps, the world. Who is the evil genius behind all their troubles?This novelette (43 pages) gives us an insight into the author's vision of a future world. I especially enjoyed the auto-drying shower (no more damp towels) and the glass underwater hotel (which sounded like a good idea but turned out not to be so great - you'll see why)."Lights Out" contains some minor typographical and spelling errors but is otherwise engagingly written. The story does end rather abruptly. Hopefully we will get to find out what happens next in one of the author's other works."Lights Out" is one of three short prequels for the novel "Darkness on a Pale Blue Stone", set 14 years later.