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Soul Destruction: Unforgivable

Soul Destruction: Unforgivable - Ruth Jacobs "Soul Destruction: Unforgivable" tells the story of Shelley Hansard, a 21-year-old woman who has been working for three years as a call girl in London, under the employ of a number of madams and escort agencies. Shelley has previously endured four attacks by clients, including being raped and beaten, but has never lodged a complaint with the police because of her circumstances.One night, a client dies whilst in her company, sending Shelley into a downward spiral of destructive behavior and an ever-increasing dependency on drugs. Addicted to heroin and crack, Shelley resorts to getting her drugs where and when she can, even from strangers in the street. She uses drugs to forget, but often forgets too much, waking up in the company of strangers, and often with unaccounted-for earnings.A compulsive cleaner, Shelley eases her anxiety by vacuuming and rearranging her books and videos. Her OCD leads her to manually check her car doors and the locks on the doors and windows of her flat to a nearly debilitating extent. Things finally come to a head when Shelley and her call girl friends Nicole and Tara, decide to get revenge on a client they discover has raped them all.Shelley's story is slowly and cleverly revealed by the author. We are left to put together the pieces of the puzzle, eventually finding out what happened to Shelley's brother William, her mother Rita, her unknown father, her friends Nicole and Tara, and to Shelley herself, to make her the way she is.The author's knowledge of the subject matter is extensive and apparent. She has drawn characters who are at the same time repulsive and sympathetic. This book is skillfully structured, with twists and turns I didn't see coming (and that's from someone who always guesses the plot-lines of TV shows). My only disappointment is in the cliff-hanger ending clearly setting us up for the sequel, which I cannot wait to read.