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Maisy and the Missing Mice

Letters Home - Earle Kirkbride Maisy Sawyer is a fourth grader who "loved mysteries and was excellent at solving them." When she's on a case she literally sees things in black and white, like an old movie. And her fee? Why, cherry lollipops, of course!

Maisy is currently investigating the theft of the school mascots by the mysterious Black Boot. With her tools of the trade - her fedora, notebook and pencil, and a cherry lollipop - Maisy sets out to investigate and round up the suspects. And then she gets another case! Are these two cases related? And what's with the all-pervasive pizza smell?

The story is littered with quirky details so we don't know what's important and what's not. The author also introduces a number of characters so that the real culprit is not too obvious. Maisy solves her mysteries without making it look too easy, and provides us with a satisfying explanation. I only wish the book was illustrated. The cover drawing is so cute!

I look forward to reading further books in "The Maisy Files". Just remember, don't mess with Maisy's cherry lollipops!

I received this book in return for an honest review.