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It Stinks to be Pink!

It Stinks to be Pink! - Kathryn L. Novak The fuzzipuffs are furry little creatures who live on the tiny island of Flora. They all live happily in their paradise, all except for Spotty. Spotty is unhappy because he is different to the other fuzzipuffs; he is pink instead of blue and has black spots instead of streaks. Although the other fuzzipuff children might look similar, they all have their own personalities and distinguishing characteristics, and they can't understand why Spotty is always sad and won't play with them.

Spotty's unhappiness leads him to take desperate measures, but he finally gets help from an unexpected source. He ultimately learns that we are often more critical of ourselves and aware of our own differences than others actually are. And that a little bit of faith goes a long, long way.

This is a cute story with a great message. It teaches us to accept who we are and be proud of our individuality. The lovely bright illustrations, by the author herself, are the perfect complement to this story. You and your children are sure to fall in love with the fuzzipuffs.

I received this book in return for an honest review.