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The Romeo Club

The Romeo Club - Rebekah L. Purdy Delyla gives her brother Drake a makeover so that he can win over Chloe, the girl of his dreams. Little does she know that this action will change her life. Her brother's friends, C.C.(Clyde Cornelius), Trey, and Kevin, collectively known as the Nerd Herd, are impressed with the results and want Delyla's help as well. Delyla reluctantly agrees, as their payment will allow her to buy the prom dress of her dreams. Thus is born The Romeo Club (or TRC). In between dealing with TRC, wrestling with Jimbo the underwear-stealing dog, and keeping TRC a secret from her boyfriend Rex, Delyla manages to stir up some trouble in her own relationship.

Things become even more complicated when Delyla realizes she is interested in Trey, who is Drake's best friend and who she's known all her life. As they spend more and more time together, Delyla's feelings for Trey deepen. How long can she keep giving him advice on how to win over Portia? Everyone has a breaking point, and Delyla may have to resort to sabotage to get what she wants.

This book offers of great blend of romance, comedy, and tragedy. The author especially uses humor to great effect. I love the scenes where Delyla's mother serves up her weird meal concoctions and her father praises them. My only complaint is the use of annoying names such as Drake, Delyla, Kenadi, Rex, Mikah, Clyde Cornelius, Trey, Portia, Deandre, Carver, and Latasha. It's obvious one person (namely the author) came up with these names, not eight sets of parents. This is a light, quick, and fun read suitable for younger teens but sure to please older teens as well.

I received this book in return for an honest review.