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Fox Talk

Fox Talk - L. E. Carmichael "Fox Talk" is a nonfiction book describing the links between foxes, wolves, and domesticated dogs. It documents Russian scientist Belyaev's experiments to try and domesticate wild foxes in order to better understand how humans and dogs communicate. The book explains the distinction between trained animals whose DNA is not altered, and domesticated animals whose DNA has changed and are thus able to pass these changes on to their offspring.

We also learn about Svetlana Gogoleva's experiments to try to determine if foxes use different sounds to mean different things. Does domestication affect animal sounds and how do the animals' feelings affect the sounds they make? And, what does the fox say? Check out page 30 to find out. You can also visit the Bioacoustic Group website and scroll down to "Red Fox" to hear actual fox sounds.

The book provides an easy experiment you can try with your own dog. You can even find out how to get a domestic fox of your own as a pet (be warned, after reading this, you may very well want to!). Also included are handy links and a book list to find out more about domestic foxes, as well as a glossary of terms used in the book.

"Fox Talk" is a colorful book and is brightly illustrated throughout with magnificent photos. The Kindle version contains pop-up boxes with discussion questions. Words found in the glossary are also highlighted in the text and can be clicked on directly to find out their meanings. Embedded videos also make the book literally come alive. Unfortunately the text is a bit too small, and I was struggling to read it on my 7-inch tablet.

"Fox Talk" is a very well-researched book and contains a wealth of information. It is interesting enough for adults as well as simple enough for children to understand. This book would make a great addition to any home library.

I received this book for the purpose of providing an honest review.