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Anything to Have You (Harlequin Teen)

Anything to Have You - Paige Harbison Natalie is a senior in her last semester of high school. She's a smart girl but hasn't made any plans yet for her future. Totally lacking in self-confidence, Natalie lives in the shadow of her outgoing, party-girl best friend, Brooke. Brooke has been going out with Aiden for a year, but her eye is starting to stray. Couple that with the fact that Natalie has a secret crush on Aiden, and that Brooke is pushing Natalie to have some fun, and you have a sure recipe for disaster.

After drinking too much at a party, Natalie wakes up the next morning not knowing what happened, except that she has hooked up with someone. Was it Aiden, or nice-guy Eric, or bad-boy Reed, or any one of the other many other guys she was talking to at the party? Meanwhile, Brooke makes some bad choices of her own, and the girls' friendship suffers a major setback. Will Natalie and Brooke be able to get over their differences and become friends again?

The author has a great natural writing style and maintains a conversational tone throughout. The characters speak and act like real teenagers. I especially loved Natalie's habit of making lists. The story alternates between Natalie's and Brooke's points-of-view. The story is very cleverly structured to reveal just enough at the right times. This is one of the few books I have read recently where multiple points-of-view are used to great effect. Even the repeated scenes feel fresh when told from a different perspective.

My only criticisms are the title and the cover, which I don't think accurately portray the essence of the story. The UK edition has a different cover (which I don't like either). There is even an earlier US version.

Warnings - coarse language, underage drinking, drug use, sex.

I received this book in return for an honest review.