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Running Against Traffic

Running Against Traffic - Gaelen VanDenbergh Paige and David Davenport have been married for years, supposedly living the good life. When David suddenly buys a vacation home in Wells Lake, a four hour drive away, Paige is not impressed. David insists she goes with him, but when they get there, he has another surprise in store for her - and not a good one. Left to fend for herself, and struggling with memories of a painful childhood and previous failed relationships, Paige initially copes with her depression by drinking.

Then Paige meets an array of quirky town characters, including Carmen and new roommates Al and Bryce. She takes up running, joins a Wiccan sisterhood, and starts gardening. Paige eventually stops thinking about her own troubles and starts the aptly named Life Support Group to help those others in her small community. By changing the lives of those around her, Paige slowly turns her own life around and finds her way back to herself, leaving the old Paige Davenport behind and becoming the new Paige Scott.

"Running Against Traffic" is well-written and full of humor and wry comments on society. The characters are all distinctive; you feel like you are watching a TV show set in a small country town. There are a few minor editing errors, but also some great phrases, e.g., "The words tumbled on the page like rolled dice or shaken salt." All in all, this is an inspirational read.

Warnings: coarse language, drug and alcohol abuse.

I received this book for the purpose of providing an honest review.