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Mary had A Sleepy Sheep

Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep - Julia Dweck Mary had a little lamb ... it followed her to school one day ... yeah, yeah, we all know that. But in this twist on the classic nursery rhyme, Mary has trouble taking her sleepy sheep Sheppard anywhere! He keeps falling asleep. So Mary buys a book called "8 Easy Ways to Wake Your Sleepy Sheep", and sets out to try them all. Will Mary achieve her goal? And what will happen if she does? Find out in Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep.

Another great offering from Julia Dweck featuring another lovable animal character, Mary's sleepy sheep Sheppard (also the name of Julia's husband!). Children will have a fun time reading the rhyming story as well as searching for the tiny mouse illustrator Wilson Williams, Jr. has cleverly hidden on every page. The book also contains the true story of the original Mary, a fun activity, and a list of websites to visit.

Highly recommended.

I received this book for the purpose of providing an honest review.