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No Shelter from Darkness

No Shelter from Darkness - Mark D.  Evans "No Shelter From Darkness" is set in 1941 in war-torn London. Beth, now thirteen, was adopted by the Wades when she was one year old, after being abandoned on the steps of a church. When next door neighbor, Mary, is orphaned, she moves in with the Wades. This leads to some interesting situations, especially when Beth starts noticing changes in her own moods, health, and behavior, and begins to crave something she can't identify. What is happening to her? And what secret has her father been hiding?

This book provides a fascinating look at life in London during World War II. I loved the amount of detail and obvious effort the author has put into the story, along with his new twist on vampire lore. The story is told alternately from the points-of-view of Beth, her friend Mary, and her adoptive parents Lynne and Bill. It's interesting to see how Beth changes and how, with help from an unexpected source, she learns to understand and cope with her situation.

The book is exceptionally well-written, the characters are well-drawn, and the author does a wonderful job of getting into the minds and bodies of his female characters. I guess all of that research paid off (see interview in blog post). I look forward to the release of the next book in the series in 2014.

I received this book for the purpose of providing an honest review.