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Spirit of Yorkshire: 1

Spirit of Yorkshire - Walter Nicholl In "The Spirit of Yorkshire", Roger explores a haunted ancient burial ground with his border collie Toby. He discovers treasure, but at what price?

The beginning of this short story reads more like a summary than a story. There is too much unnecessary detail, and Roger's unnatural dialog with his dog is used merely as a plot device.
The story is very repetitive. I found it hard to tell whether it was meant to be a clever way of showing just how monotonous Roger's life is, or whether it was simply bad writing.

The story is written in the present tense, a device that usually brings a sense of immediacy and that can be very effective when used well. Unfortunately, it didn't work here. Interestingly, I read an earlier draft written in the past tense, and that worked better for me. Fortunately, the typos and punctuation errors found in the earlier draft have been corrected, and this version is virtually error-free.

I was left confused and wondering just what the whole point of the story was. There is one almighty continuity error with Roger's pint pot (you'll know what I mean when you read it) that severely affects what the author thought was probably a clever ending.

I received this book for the purpose of providing an honest review.