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Harold Freddie and Milo

Harold Freddie and Milo - Rhonda Patton Another fun adventure story in the vein of the Ted and Raymond series, also by Rhonda Patton. This time we have three frog friends: Harold, the smart one; Freddie, the talented one; and Milo who isn't sure what he's good at. We follow the three friends on their way to a picnic at a tree house on an island. Along the way, they find adventures both together and on their own.The three frogs clearly have different personalities and strengths, but they all get on well together. This is a good lesson to teach children. Apart from a few errors in combining present and past tense, the book is well-written and sure to hold the interest of both little ones and their parents! Once again, Chester McDaniel's illustrations are delightful. This time they appear to be computer-generated, not hand drawn as in previous collaborations with his wife, Rhonda Patton. I was disappointed that Milo didn't find something he was good at, but perhaps we might see more of these three frogs in future books. I look forward to Milo's development as a character.