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Touched Up

Touched Up - Leo T Dufresne Jr Mitch is on track to becoming the next CEO of CommGear, an engineering company, when things start to fall apart. His wife wants marriage counselling, his teenage daughter is being outright rebellious, his investments are crashing, and his major project is on the brink of failure. Then he starts getting anonymous letters, which hint at blackmail. When Jimmy Lee, one of his underling managers, starts acting out, Mitch begins to suspect he's the blackmailer and decides to take matters into his own hands. This is the beginning of a downwards spiral that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. The only thing that is keeping him sane is his love of photography. And when that becomes the source of one of his greatest regrets, Mitch decides there is only one way to solve all of his problems.

Mitch is a bitter man, constantly recalling things his father did before he killed himself when Mitch was a boy. Mitch speaks in extended metaphors throughout the book, with imagery centering on dogs, horse racing, baseball, and especially boating. He also has an extremely sardonic sense of humor that manages to lighten the mood of this very dark story. The title refers to Mitch's obsession with photography and his attempts to "touch up" his life so that it looks all right from the outside, when things are actually falling apart on the inside. This theme comes together nicely at the end of the book.

Touched Up surprised me constantly; I couldn't tell where the story was going. I also wasn't expecting the deeply religious/philosophical aspects to the story. However, one major incident is resolved without explanation.

A captivating read.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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