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Just Pru

Just Pru - Anne Pfeffer Pru has only been away from home for two months when she loses all of her belongings, bar her journal and her cat Chuck-Chuck, in an apartment fire. She even loses her medication for anxiety and depression - all this after her therapist, Dr Abbot, died only a week ago! Pru is helped out by her neighbor Adam, who suffers from a few neuroses of his own. Ellen, another neighbor who is a playwright and director, takes Pru in and offers her a job as her assistant and chauffeur. The problem is, Pru has never had a job, has trouble dealing with people, and is terrified of driving! Pru learns to cope with her new living arrangements, her new job, and the attention of not one, but two, hot guys by implementing the life lessons she has learned on television. In the meantime, she lives in fear of her parents, Lloyd and Phyllis, showing up at any moment to drag her back home to Oregon - the worst fate possible.

Pru is a very endearing protagonist, and the rest of the characters are both quirky and likable - except for Pru's parents! The story is interspersed with entries from Pru's journal, which give us an insight into just how far she has progressed following the death of her therapist. As Dr Abbot once said, Pru needs to "practice the art of living." And that she does. I truly enjoyed Pru's tale of learning to cope in the big, bad world. All of the story lines wrap up neatly. But, who knows? We may see more of Pru in the future. I sure hope so!

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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