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Betrayed - David Van Zummeren CIA agent Cameron Matthews ("The Machine") is a deeply religious man. He is set on avenging the murder of his informant at the hands of his nemesis, "The Ghost", an elusive man who goes by many different identities and is a master of disguise. He always manages to stay one step ahead of Cameron, leading Cameron to conclude that there is a mole in the CIA. The Ghost leads him on a chase to the Cayman Islands and Tokyo, where Cameron recruits his latest informant, Ami Surabaya, and where he tries to stop a plot to overthrow the Japanese government.

Betrayed is a compulsive and clever read with many characters and a complex plot full of twists and turns. There are political conspiracies, assassination attempts, double agents, a bit of romance, and lots of betrayals. There are a few minor editing errors, but not enough to detract from the story. Unfortunately, I found Cameron's religious convictions a bit hard to believe, and I figured out the identities of the mole and The Ghost pretty early on. I kept waiting for a twist that never came - perhaps the author is reserving this for the next book.

Overall, this is a good, solid read with plenty of action, adventure, and romance.

I received this book in return for an honest review.