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Evil Imminent

Evil Imminent - Maryann Weston This is a collection of seven short stories set in Great Britain and Australia. The author sets the scene in a short introduction.

In "Monsters in the Mist", Nate Phillips is a grown man who has been under the thumb of his controlling mother far too long. Nate's childhood fears resurface when the bodies of three young children are found on his work site. Then he finally gets up the courage to do something about his situation after being visited by a ghostly presence in the mist.

In "The Bonding", Sally Meekham buys an old mansion that is thought to be haunted. It turns out she has signed up for much more than she has bargained for.

In "Love Outlasted" Gabby Allman's husband Levi is missing, presumed dead. Twelve months later, Gabby decides to pursue their dream of buying a home in the country. Will Levi ever return to her?

In "Dark Star", Dutton Forrest is a Trekkie who believes in dark stars and aliens. All he wants is evidence to prove their existence to the other members of the Star Trek Foundation. Will he get his wish?

In "Trinity of Terror", Sybilla is a ghost hunter on the trail of Marcus Mason, an evil spirit. But what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?

In "On the Edge of Darkness", Bella visits the Australian Outback with her boyfriend Dan and encounters some strange phenomena.

In "From the Book of Redemption", Michael is part of the Merman society where it is forbidden to feel and where the Killing of the land dwellers is a regular occurrence. Michael wants to escape this life and be free to be himself. Will he ever find happiness?

These seven stories share the common themes of alienation, loneliness, ghostly presences, and the loss of a parent at an early age. The author very skillfully gives us only as much information as is necessary, forcing us to use our imaginations and come to our own conclusions.

Be warned, this is a grim collection. No happily-ever-afters here.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

Full blog post (coming 3 January): http://booksdirectonline.blogspot.com/2015/01/evil-imminent-by-maryann-weston.html