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Booker - Streets of Mayhem (A Private Investigator Thriller Series of Crime and Suspense)

Booker - Streets of Mayhem (A Private Investigator Thriller Series of Crime and Suspense) - John W. Mefford Booker T. Adams is a biracial cop in Dallas, too white for some, too black for others. After witnessing an incident of police brutality, Booker assaults the officer in question and is suspended from active duty. Then a bomb blast kills fifteen people aboard a school bus, and it is followed by several more bomb threats, all seemingly racially motivated. As the attacks escalate, Booker seeks vengeance on those responsible, but he begins to wonder who is actually behind these acts of terrorism. Is the perpetrator a racist, or is he just a psychopath? And what can Booker do now that he no longer has his badge?

Streets of Mayhem is told from the alternating viewpoints of Booker and a mystery man we find out more about as the story progresses. There are a number of editing errors, including incorrect word usage, and the narrative is a bit repetitive. Nevertheless, the story is interesting and the author maintains suspense throughout.

The book features a likable cast of characters, including Booker's foul-mouthed parakeet roommate Big Al, his barman friend Justin, his DA friend Henry, Justin's barmaid Alisa, and CSI tech Felix, all of who contribute in their own ways to help Booker solve his case. I'm sure we'll see more of them is further books, and I look forward to reading Booker's next adventures.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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