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How to Unbreakup

How to Unbreakup - Rebekah L. Purdy Grace Evers and Sage Castle have been best friends since they were two and started dating on Grace's thirteenth birthday. Eleven months later, everyone thinks they spend too much time together, to the point where they are collectively referred to as "Grage". So, Grace decides to break up with Sage. It's now three years later, and Sage still hasn't spoken to her. Grace's dad plans a family holiday to Lake Michigan for the summer, only he doesn't tell her he's invited another family, too - the Castles. Grace wants to get back with Sage and gains an unexpected ally in Sage's sister Allie. They plan to find a way for Grace and Sage to "unbreakup". But things get complicated when neighbors Lila and Logan take an interest in Sage and Grace. Will Grace finally get her guy?

This book features some of the same characters as the author's previous book, The Romeo Club and, once again, my only complaint is the author's choice of annoying names (Lyncee, Delyla, Rori, Rochelle, Kenadi for the girls; Sage, Benji, Caleb, Lor, Trey, Logan, Ty for the boys). This is a quick, easy read, with likable characters - even a crazy cat! It is full of humor, with mishap after hilarious mishap getting in the way of Grace's plan to win back Sage. It also has an extremely well-planned and well-executed storyline, and the ending wraps everything up very neatly. Loved it!

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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