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Slightly Stalky: A Romantic Comedy Walks Into a Bar... (Slightly Series Book 1)

Slightly Stalky: A Romantic Comedy Walks Into a Bar... (Slightly Series Book 1) - Amy Vansant Emily's friend Kady talks her into going to darts night at the Irish pub in order to meet men. Emily is instantly attracted to Sebastian. Sebastian is also attracted to Emily, but he's stuck in a relationship with the buxom Greta. Emily has a history of being "slightly stalky" in her pursuit of men, and she is no different with Sebastian. As she tries to get closer to him, circumstances always seem to intervene. While Sebastian tries to fight off the desperately clingy Greta, Emily deals with the not-unwelcome advances from the gorgeous but inanely simple Mark. Will Emily and Sebastian ever get their timing right and end up together?

Slightly Stalky is a sweet romance as well as an extremely funny comedy of errors, told from both Emily's and Sebastian's points-of-view. The absurdly comical incidents had me laughing out loud. I especially enjoyed Sebastian's interactions with Greta's insane "blind" dog Binkers, Sebastian's hunt for a place to live, and Emily's dealings with Sebastian's family.

I look forward to reading the next installment in this series.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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