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GG and Mamela

GG and Mamela - Belinda Brock "Only one person called Lily 'Mamela' ['little girl']... and that was her great-grandmother", whom Lily affectionately calls GG. Lily and GG are the best of friends: "You're my GG and I'm your Mamela." "And that's the way it will always be." But one day Lily finds out her GG is "coming to the end of her own special life."

This is a lovely book about love and loss, beautifully illustrated by Avi Katz. The message is simple but deep, and both the words and pictures are deeply moving. The book ends with GG's chicken soup recipe with her "secret ingredient and everything." It is followed by a note for parents and caregivers, which may help parents explain hospice care and the imminent loss of a loved one to their children.

Highly recommended.

I received this book in return for an honest review.