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An Ancient Gift and Other Stories

An Ancient Gift and Other Stories - Jeanne Grunert An Ancient Gift and Other Stories is a short collection of three stories and is the author's first work of fiction.

In "The Glove", Kathy's fevered nightmares take her back to the summer at Grandpa's house when she was nine years old. What happened that summer? Her son Bryan is staying with Grandpa while she's sick. Why does Kathy sense he's in danger? What horror lies in wait in Grandpa's basement?

In "Friday Night Visitor", Rita and Bob are working at Winter's bar one Friday night when a strange man comes to visit Bob. What does he want in return for the favor he did for Bob a few years ago?

In "An Ancient Gift", Anna has the family gift of being a psychic, while her sister Amy is a skeptic. While preparing to sell Grandma's house, they come across an ancient gift their father left behind in his childhood room. Which daughter is it for, and who's the one with the real gift?

This short book contains quite a number of editing errors, too many for the length of the book. Nevertheless, the author manages to create suspense and a creepy atmosphere very quickly. The stories keep you wanting just a little bit more. I just wish this volume contained more stories so I could enjoy it a bit longer.

I received this book in return for an honest review.