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Finding Keepers

Finding Keepers - Kristi Strong Alyssa Doe has been in the foster system since she was ten, when her mother dropped her off at school one day and never picked her up. Alyssa has suffered both physically and psychologically as a result. She spends her life trying not to impose on others for fear of being labelled a nuisance. She keeps all of her precious possessions in her backpack, which is with her at all times in case she has to move home suddenly. She doesn't know if she can ever trust a male again after an incident at one of her foster homes. She has dreams of being a whale trainer, but really all she wants is to not grow up like her own mother, with a "teenage pregnancy and apathetic future".

Now six years later, it is Alyssa's tenth first day of school in the last six years. She has just moved in with her newest foster parent (or "keeper") Jessica Sona, a twenty-five year old loan officer. On her first day of school, Alyssa meets bad boy Caleb and Brianna, who just moved there last year. Turns out Alyssa isn't the only one with problems, and they might all have to lean on each other to get through the tough times. But what could Jessica possibly want with a sixteen-year-old foster kid? With the love and support of Jessica and her new friends, will Alyssa finally get her happy ending? And has she finally found a keeper who wants to keep her?

Finding Keepers is a heartbreaking account of one young girl's journey through the foster system. We are given glimpses into her past experiences with different foster families, or "keepers" as calls them. The term "keeper" is so sad because it makes Alyssa sound like she's an animal. There are a number of editing errors, but the story is very well-written, and the characters are all believable and likable. The author has conducted extensive research and provides some real-life foster care facts at the end of the book.

My heart-felt thanks to the author for writing such a touching book on such an overlooked subject.

I received this book in return for an honest review.