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Searching for Grace

Searching for Grace - Juliann Rich Jonathan returns to East Bay Christian Academy after his summer at Spirit Lake Bible Camp, where he met Ian and came out as gay. Still not prepared to let anyone else know, Jonathan wonders what he will do if his friends find out what happened at camp. When new student Luke starts dropping veiled comments and Jonathan is finally outed in a very public way, he finds out who his real friends are. But Jonathan reaches breaking point when his mother still refuses to accept him and continues trying to "fix" him. And then his boyfriend Ian shows up. As Jonathan lies in a hospital bed trying to recall the events leading up to his current situation, he is consoled by Grace. But who is Grace? What happened to make Jonathan end up in hospital? And what will it take for his family to finally accept him for who he is?

I enjoyed this book much more than Caught in the Crossfire. The story is very cleverly constructed so as not to reveal too much at once, and we have to piece together what happened to Jonathan. Full of sarcastic humor, the author captures the tone of Jonathan, Sketch, and Mason perfectly. Searching for Grace contains a number of parallels with The Scarlet Letter, which Jonathan and his fellow students are studying in their American literature class; this adds an extra dimension to the story. Once again, the writing is very good and the editing near-flawless. I eagerly anticipate the final volume of this trilogy.

I received this book in return for an honest review.