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Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf

Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf - Dorothea Jensen, Shayne Hood Frizzy designs dolls for the children. The only problem is that she has to give them away at Christmas, which she can't bear doing. So she decides to ask Santa for a new job. Dizzy the Elf diagnoses her with S.A.D, (Seasonal Affection Distress) and gets her to design monster trucks, which she also sadly has to give away. Frizzy then decides to take her prettifying talent to a whole new level and gives each of the elves a makeover. But no one but Frizzy is happy with the results. Frizzy then tries it on the monster trucks, but the boys don't like them. Of course Santa comes up with the perfect solution.

This is a story told in rhyme, in a style reminiscent of "Twas The Night Before Christmas". The author comes up with some very clever rhymes, but younger children might find it a bit difficult to read, even with an adult's help. The paragraphs should have empty space between them so that the text doesn't look so daunting. I also found the illustrations by Shayne Hood to be a bit flat and lifeless. However, I loved the friendly interactions between the elves, the approachability of Santa, and the fact that Santa now uses computerized wish lists.

A good modern Christmas story for today's kids.

I received this book in return for an honest review.