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The Casquette Girls

The Casquette Girls - Alys Arden Sixteen-year-old Adele and her father return home to New Orleans after being evacuated due to the "big Storm". Adele is hoping for things to return to normal but her school is still closed, the local businesses are struggling to recover, and there has been a spate of recent murders. When Adele begins to exhibit some unusual powers, she unwittingly sets into motion a chain of events that began hundreds of years ago. Meanwhile, Adele has to fend off a host of admirers, including her mother's assistant Emile, the Italian Medici brothers Niccolo and Gabe, and the strange boy Isaac who appears to have powers of his own. With the help of some new-found friends, will Adele be able to set things right in her beloved city?

The author manages to transport us to New Orleans; she has an incredible knack for describing the scenes and setting the atmosphere. The story is fresh and original, and the author debunks many of our long-held vampire beliefs. With a cast of characters spanning centuries, The Casquette Girls is full of twists and turns and shocking revelations; you never know what is going to happen next. I especially enjoyed the diary entries of Adele's ancestor, Adeline Saint-Germain. While this story is complete, we will see a return of these characters in The Romeo Catchers.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

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